Call for papers for Colloquium and Journal "Linha do Horizonte" nº5: Eyesight Cartographies

Editorial Committee for Colloquium and "Linha do Horizonte" nº5: Eyesight Cartographies

Schedule and submission of papers

Scientific Committee

Editing guidelines for the submission of papers





1. Quoted text must be within inverted commas and never underlined, in bold or italics, unless the quoted text itself makes use of any of the aforementioned.

2. Whenever the end of the quotation coincides with the end of the paragraph, the full-stop (period mark) should follow the inverted commas that mark the closing of the quoted portion of text. If the quotation occupies the whole paragraph, the inverted commas should open and close the paragraph (including the full-stop) and no additional full-stop after the closing inverted commas is required.

3. Whenever the excerpt the author intends to quote exceeds four lines, the quotation must occupy a paragraph of its own, with no resource to italics or quotation marks, but using Times New Roman size 10 and a 3 cm margin on both sides.

4. Quotations, bibliographical references and bibliography should follow the Harvard System of Referencing Guide (