Linha do Horizonte (Horizon Line) is a journal which intends to create a forum for discussing all subjects relating to drawing, images, visual communication, graphic representation, and concerns of graphic conceptualization. It also aims to be a connecting link between various international institutions and publications associated with the teaching of or investigation into drawing.

Linha do Horizonte is published by the Department of Drawing and Visual Communication, Faculty of Architecture, University of Lisbon, Portugal.

“Drawing is a direct registration of visual perception as well as a way to investigate the perceived visual reality, with a drawing created at almost the exact moment of visual perception. It is a specific form of communication which bypasses verbalization. Via its visual language, drawing mobilizes conceptual intelligence as well as sensuality, creating communicative processes which integrate logical-deductive thought while at the same time embracing subjective and intuitive thought.”

The journal is published with all articles printed in both the author’s native language and in English. Submitted articles are evaluated by the journal’s Editorial Committee, comprised of investigators involved on relevant areas from among academics and prominent figures in Portugal, the U.K., Spain, and Italy.

Ana Leonor M. Madeira Rodrigues